Tuesday, 31 January 2012

An Unfortunate Misadventure

An Unfortunate Misadventure.
Here is an etching of dolls riding out on a chicken at night. This is inspired by old fashioned dolls with hinged wooden knees and a book I had of dolls coming alive at night. I think a chicken's soft feathers would be very comfortable. The chicken turns and the little doll falls. They will have yo save her.

Here is a real old wooden doll in need of a dress.

In real life I am a girl in a house full of boys. How our thoughts must differ.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Woman impersonating a plane

Here I am embarking on my blog with a picture of one of my etchings "Woman Impersonating a Plane (after years of frustration)"....this is a bit like me right now in my life. I am launching into a time in my life thinking more of  me, even though the family travel on my back and require many lifts, I am a taxi.
I think this blog will be eclectic snippets mainly of things in my local world, my house, my town, my family and two lively cats and anything that keeps me wanting to make artwork.

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