Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012

Squidgy and Cuddly

( As a mother you have to be ahead of the game...... it can be all round exhausting!)
It can also be charming when you see your small son in a tight, knitted cardigan looking squidgy and cuddly:

A while ago I was working out a cover to my comic. Here is one idea I had it was my strong self saving my weak self. I rather like that idea and I might carry on with it and do some more drawings on this theme. All these pictures are a coment on hormonal changes. (PMT, PMS whatever you like to call it - same symptoms - some people don't get it and they're v. lucky  )

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Nancy Weinberg

Here is a lovely painting from edithpiaf by Nancy Weinberg. I used to dress my cats up in bonnets and aprons when I was young and seem to remember the same expressions on their faces.

This linocut I made recently, using chine collee, called Captain Charlotte, is of a feisty pirate teacher with her own set of rules, giving lessons to her pupils.

At Home: In reality teenage boys charge around the house eating everything in their path leaving chaos in their wake.Plus two crazy meowing bengal cats that fight one another.
I have started to jog a little every other day to build up my strength. Then escape to my creative headspace for a little respite.